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Sculpture changeover scheme

InSitu manage a large scale sculpture changeover rental scheme on the ground floor at 30 Crown Place in the City of London. The selection of work  displayed is diverse and ranges from well established artists to recent graduates. The sculpture engages with users of the building and the artists provide further insight on their work and career to date through talks midway through the exhibition term. Sculpture used in this way greatly enhances open space that is visible from street level, assisting developers and agents in drawing attention to buildings.         


Simon Hitchens 'Seperate Reality' Onyx, resin 208 x 76 x 26cm

Keita Miyazaki 'Organisms of Control # 3,4 & 5' mixed media 280 x 45 x45cm, 127 x 62 x 85cm and 70 x 125 x 62  

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