InSitu commission and source art, write and develop art strategies and project manage
multi-faceted art programmes. We do this for major corporations to small companies,
property developers and private clients. 


InSitu provide complete solutions: specifying framing, arranging transport and overseeing installation. If necessary, we provide financial flexibility with rental schemes.


To extend art appreciation, InSitu develop cultural activities that inspire and motivate organisations. These can include artist talks, studio visits, in-house exhibitions, sculpture schemes and 'artist in residence' programmes.    


InSitu manage the relocation of existing art collections to new sites, provide audits and valuations, advise on reframing, catalogue and organise the sale of selected works if required.    


InSitu work on both long term ambitious projects with significant budgets, and small projects that require modest spends. We liaise closely with clients, architects, space planners, designers and artists to enable the procurement of collections of art that have integrity, coherence and longevity. Regardless of size, we are committed to ensuring best practice.            

Michael Craig Martin working on a site specific commission.

Detail of completed 
4.5m x 14m wall painting.

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