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'Organisms of Control'

Running Time: 4:16 min


InSitu recently installed three of the above sound sculptures as part of a sculpture changeover scheme. The sculptures are displayed for six months in a public space on the ground floor of a client's offices in the City of London. Recycled welded car parts combined with intricate paper and felt constructions form anthropomorphic and playful pieces. The sound element runs on a loop playing social control music commonly heard on the Tokyo subway and Japanese supermarkets.



The artist talks about his work

Running Time: 3:23 min


InSitu collaborated with Danny Lane, a leading exponent of architectural glass sculpture, organising a client visit to his studio before installing a large scale sculpture in their space. This enabled them to engage more fully with the processes involved in creating his work and established a connection. Danny later gave a talk to a wider audience at the client's offices. 

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