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Mari Ruth Oda

InSitu manage a long-term sculpture programme for the public space at 30 Crown Place London EC2, showcasing work by recent graduates, emerging and established artists throughout the year. The art is a stimulus for users of the building, often challenging perceptions of what constitutes sculpture and how it is presented in public space. The programme includes a schedule of artist talks and related events.

A series of large scale monochrome sculptures by ceramic artist Mari Ruth Oda were curated to create a meditative intervention in the space. Oda's use of fluid lines and natural forms pay homage to her Japanese heritage, acknowledging the influence of Shinto principles on her work. She states ‘I am inspired by nature, in its various shapes and forms as well as my feelings of reverence towards it. Being of Japanese background this has its roots in the nature worshiping ideas of Shintoism.’

Sculpture Programme at 30 Crown Place, London EC2

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