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Michael Craig-Martin 'LAW'

Pinsent Masons LLP London Headquarters City of London

Project management and commission of a site-specific wall painting by Sir Michael Craig-Martin. The painting measures 14 metres long by 4.5 metres at its highest point, reading in reverse perspective. Craig-Martin explains:

‘The word is powerful because it is a concept, an abstraction that underpins but does not define their work. LAW is the cornerstone of their profession – but it is not them. LAWYERS would be them. I only draw nameable man made objects. I only use words that are abstractions: GOD, SEX, LIFE, WAR, IMAGE, ART, FAKE, HOPE, IDEA, UTOPIA, PARADISE, DESIRE, ANGER, LUST (the 7 deadly sins), TOUCH, HEAR (the 5 senses) - these are some of the words I have used. LAW is the natural word for me to use in this context. It is intended to be both playful and challenging.’

Employees were further engaged by a visit to Michael Craig-Martin's studio where he gave a talk on his wider art practice.      

© Michael Craig-Martin

Michael Craig-Martin working on the commission

© Michael Craig-Martin

© Michael Craig-Martin

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