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Organisms of Control by

Keita Miyazaki

Over a six month period, the sculptor Keita Miyazaki exhibited a selection of his Royal College of Art MA graduation show, Organisms of Control. Works from this series are composed of recycled car engine parts, welded together with brightly coloured, origami-like components made from paper and felt. The artist incorporated tiny MP3 players into the structures, which play a combination of recordings of jingles heard in Japanese supermarkets and the Tokyo subway. Miyazaki’s works appear organic and plant-like, strange and beautiful anthropomorphic hybrids emitting chaotic, dystopian soundscapes.       

InSitu manage a long-term sculpture programme for the public space at 30 Crown Place London EC2, showcasing work by recent graduates, emerging and established artists at regular intervals throughout the year. The art is a stimulus for users of the building, often challenging perceptions of what constitutes sculpture and how it is presented in public space. The programme includes a schedule of artist talks and related events.

Sculpture Programme at 30 Crown Place, London EC2

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